The beginning

Today I have decided to do some changes in my life, one of them, it is to look for new motivations, challenges and projects. For this reason, I have closed my old blog (this decision has been meditated during last months) and I have decided to start a new one, this one. Why? Why I have closed a blog to open a new one? There are some reasons.

First, I have been writing in the old blog for almost seven years and a half and I was losing my motivation. Not about to share content about the way I was doing it. I started the old blog when I was at the university and my style, ideas, opinions and thoughts have changed during last years but always based on the initial style. I needed a new restart, a new and fresh beginning.

Second, as I have said before, I started the old blog when I was at the university, now, I am a professional with some years of experience and I have different points of view, ideas and motivations. Close the old blog and start a new one, it is only a way to close a stage in my life and start a new one. All projects, specially in technology, have a beginning and an end, but, even if they disappear, all the things that we have learnt and share remain with us.

Third, because the old blog was written in Spanish, my native language, and after all these years studying and using English, I wanted to start something in this language. Maybe, it is a way to test myself, I don´t know. But, one thing that I know is I love new challenges and try to share my thoughts, ideas and knowledge in a different language is a big one. Probably, I will make some mistakes but, I have always thought that the only way to learn it is making mistakes. And I hope these mistakes will not be very serious.

Finally, because it is always good to start new things. I have some ideas in my mind, and I am still thinking on what I am going to do: create a software project, learn a new language, learn new methodologies, collaborate in a open source project, install my own instance of wordpress, … Honestly, I don´t know which one is going to be my next step, but I am sure about one thing, I have always loved to share and write about it, then, it is something that I am going to do.

Let´s see what happens with all of this.

See you.

The beginning