Apache Kafka (II): Interesting learning resources

As explained in my last article, I needed to learn Apache Kafka at a fast pace. My plan after that was to write a series of articles ordering my learns, thoughts and ideas but something has changed. Despite I am confident in my communication skills, I found a series of videos by Confluent (I have no relation with them) I would have loved to discover when I was starting. They are four mini-courses that explain Apache Kafka, Kafka Stream and ksqlDB. I would have loved to have them before I started because I think they are clear enough, concise and platform agnostic (not linked to their platform).

For all these reasons, I have considered it is better to help people to point to the resources instead of just writing a few articles. Everyone that follows the blog knows that I do not do this, to share other materials, too often but I think they do a good job explaining all concepts with examples related to Apache Kafka and there is no point rewriting what they are doing. There is, maybe, space for one last article on this series with some configurations, tips and pitfalls (I have a long list of that).

The series of videos are:

  • Apache Kafka 101: A brief introduction, the explanation of basic concepts related to it and the basic use.
  • Kafka Streams 101: A nice, full of examples, course about Kafka Streams and related concepts.
  • ksqlDB 101: Same format as the previous on focus on ksqlDB.
  • Inside ksqlDB: Going one step further on ksqlDB showing some of the operations.
Apache Kafka (II): Interesting learning resources

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