During the last few years, we have been hearing about a lot of new practices applying to Software Development and DevOps. One of these topics is Infrastructure as Code. Probably, in this space, two of the most well-known solutions are Terraform and CloudFormation.

We have already discussed Terraform on this blog previously. If we take a look to the basic code on the example on this blog or you are already using it, probably, you are aware that when the infrastructure grows, the Terraform code, been quite verbose, grows fast too and, unless we have a very good code structure it can get very messy. The same can be said about CloudFomation. In addition, they are not as developer-friendly as common programming languages are and, they need to be learned as a new language.

To solve the first problem, code turning messing over time, there are some measures to split the Terraform code like creating modules but, for much of the projects I have been taken a look and articles I have read about it, it seems there is no agreement about the best way to split the code and, usually, if you do not work regularly with this kind of projects, it is very hard to find things and move around.

Trying to solve this problem and the second one, using languages well know by developers, there are projects like Pulumi trying to bring infrastructure code to use familiar programming languages and tools, including packaging and APIs.

Investigating a little bit about this, I have found another one, AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), which is a software development framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code and provisioning it through AWS CloudFormation. As said, initially AWS CDK is designed for CloudFormation but, there is an implementation to generate Terraform code.

Today’s purpose is just to play a little bit with this technology, just the one that generates CloudFormation code and not to compare them (I do not know enough about it to compare them…yet).

I was going to write a long post with examples but, I have found a great introduction workshop offered by AWS that it does the job nicely. For this reason, I am just leaving here my project on Github.

One of the nice things I have found about AWS CDK is that support multiple languages:

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#

And, after writing a few lines, it feels very comfortable to be writing code using Java APIs and using all the power of the multiple tools that exist on the Java ecosystem. Ond, of course, be using Java packages to sort the infrastructure code.

Just another alternative in our toolbox that seems worth it to explore.


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