Customizing .vimrc

The vimrc file contains optional runtime configuration settings to initialize Vim when it starts. We can customize Vim by putting suitable commands in your vimrc. We can locate the file in the home directory.

There are some very complex configurations we can do in the vimrc file, but I am going to show just a few simple ones because I usually use IDEs (IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbens, …) or text editors (Sublime, Notepad++, …) to write my code and I just use Vim when I am connected to a remote server through SSH or locally for a very simple changes in configuration files or similar.

An example of vimdc file:

"Avoid console bell when errors
set noerrorbells
"Language for messages
set helplang=en
"Line numbers
set number
"Syntax with colors
syntax on
"Parenthesis, brackets and curly brackets matching
set showmatch
"Tab size
set tabstop=2
"Use precedent indentation
set autoindent
"Incremental search
set incsearch
"Ignore case except uppercase string
set ignorecase smartcase
"Mark search results
set hlsearch
"Background color
"set background=dark
Customizing .vimrc

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