Learn and Practice Linux online

Everyone working with technology knows or should know that Linux is one of the biggest platforms out-there. Maybe not in desktop environment where Windows in the king but, when we are talking about servers, I would say that Linux or Unix are the king of kings. In addition, it has a very good relation with developers and system administrators.

One of the most powerful tools we can find in Linux is the terminal. You can do multiple things with it. There are commands that can save our lives in punctual moments, commands that perform useful actions and, in general, commands that help us in our daily tasks, making our lives easier.

But the truth is, at the beginning, it can be scary. A lot of people tend to learn just the top 10 commands or to have just a cheat-sheet with the commands they use every day or people in their teams use. Sometimes, we do not know what the terminal is able to do it.

To solve this problem or, at least, help us to improve our knowledge around the terminal capabilities and the available commands, one of the options is to use Webminal. Webminal offer us an online terminal we can use to play and learn. In addition, it offers us some instructions about how to use the commands. When you are using the platform, it splits the screen in two parts. In the left side we can see a fully functional terminal and, in the right side we can see detailed instructions about how to use the different commands.

Just another tools to help us with our daily learning.

Learn and Practice Linux online

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