New github repositories

One of the beautiful things that Computer Science has it that every single day appears something new to learn about or to investigate. That’s true that as a professional this make sometimes our jobs more challenging but, it is always a pleasure to have something to learn.

In this case, I have added two new repositories to my github account. Honestly, I know that the account is not very active and I do not have tons of code and snippets there, I prefer to write in the blog and not all the articles I write here generate code but, in the puntual occasions they do it, I use to upload the code to the github account.

In this days, I am learning a few things and they are generating some code. For this reason, I have decided to create a couple of new repositories.

On the one hand, I am preparing the CEH certification, I do not know yet if I am going to do the exam or not but I want to have the knowledge that involves. If you take a look to my old blog you will find some articles related with security and penetration testing. Together with this, I am learning a little bit of python focusing my learning in libraries that can help my with the automatization in this field. For this reason, I have started to read a book called “Python Penetration Testing Essentials” and I am writing some python code. To store properly all the code I am writing, I have decided to create a github repository in my account called “pythonPentesting“. In this repository, you can find the code I am writing in the meantime I am learning. In advance, I need to say that I do not know python, I am learning at the same time. Sometimes, the code is the one we can find in the book, sometimes I make some changes considering that it is an improvement or just for experimentation, and probably, sometimes I will be doing something very stupid but, any case, all is part of the learning process, right?

Repository URL:

On the other hand, I have been writing code for some years, different languages, different platforms, different environments, but during the last years I have been focus in the Java / Java EE world (I am sure you could guess that for the content of my articles). In some projects I have been involved I have been a full-stack developer but, in one way or another, I was just writing basic JavaScript code, and not working with well known frameworks like Angular or Backbone, for example. Maybe, I have been involved in the development with in-house JavaScript frameworks but this is a complete different thing. The thing is that now I am a bit rusty when we are talking about front-end technologies and sometimes I have problems even to create a decent front-end for my little snippets or examples. I have decided to solve it  and to do it I have select Angular 2 and TypeScript. Why? I do not exactly know, I have been reading a lot, and it looks like it is an option that can match with me and my style. Will see in the future. In addition, both of them are quite mainstream (there is no discussion about that) and maybe can be useful in the future. In the same way that before, I have created a new github repository to store my code called “angular2AndTypeScript“. Let’s see how I progress. Nowadays, I am just following the course you can find in the “” page. You can find the course here.

Repository URL:

Let see how progress these learning initiatives.

See you.

New github repositories

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